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IT consulting organized and manageable for all levels of education and commerce. To provide online and onsite solutions for the Technologies that matter most to business enterprise. To provide individuals and companies access to information easily and competently. Lastly, to provide computer parts and IT support to our customers.

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Web Technology Developer

Industry: Technology

Occupation: Automated Consulting

Location: New York, United States


Automated Consulting is a communications and computer needs business, that focuses on assisting E-commerce, end-users, and business entities with their technology needs. Automated Consulting Authors Text Message apps and connectivity for your Business or Personal sociability.


Java language, because it can be used on many platforms. I like the experience of developing and executing strategies, solutions, and improvements to company performance; In addition, I like growing sales and gaining market share for a public corporation. Motivating Share-Holders, Stake-Holders, End-users and support operators to increase outside sales, revenue and profitability. Educating those who are not computer literate and teaching coding to children; also young adults.

Favorite Books

JavaScript & JQuery interactive front-end web development, HTML & CSS design and Build websites, Spring IN ACTION, INTRODUCTION TO JAVA Programming.



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